Monday, February 7, 2011


     I'd like to start this blog by saying that I strongly dislike snow. In fact, I'm not very fond of cold at all. I'd rather it was hot. I'll take 100 degrees over 20 degrees any day. My kids like snow though, and when (actually in Arkansas I should say "if") that first snow comes in the winter we all get excited. We'll play all day in that first snow. They weren't quite as excited about the second snow, and we didn't even get out in the third.
     We have a sled and a decent hill, but that only works for us if we get ice first. Sledding consists of 2 kids on the sled and me pulling a rope down the hill, trying not to let the sled run over me. Before we got a sled, we would convert the old plastic swimming pool from the summer. Swimming pools work really well on the snow, but they tear up pretty quick.
     A lot of years, we don't get any snow. That's fine with me. Arkansas is not really prepared for snow anyway. When the roads get slick here, we tend to wreck all over the place because we almost never drive in snow or ice. Apparently, most of us don't understand the laws of physics. Concepts like "an object in motion tends to stay in motion" are difficult to grasp. "I push the pedal and the car stops" is familiar to everyone though, but on ice, of course, the car doesn't stop until there is an equal but opposite force applied. That would be the other car.....
     The weather people are now predicting up to 10 inches of snow in two days. I'm sure, if we get that much, the kids will want to play in it. Of course, I'll help Winter get them bundled up and we'll get out in it and play. Then when they are almost frozen, we'll come inside and have hot chocolate. After that, it will be okay with me if it never snows again.
     It snows in every state in the U.S. except maybe Hawaii. The record snowfall for a year in Arkansas is about 3 feet. Nothing compared to the 80 feet of snow they get in Alaska, but still a lot of snow. My new favorite state is Florida. Their record snowfall for a year is about 4 inches.  I won't be moving there though because they balance the lack of snowfall with the occasional hurricane. We have a lot of tornadoes but a tornado can pass really close to your house and not do any damage at all. A hurricane covers a lot of territory.
     Oh well, let it snow. It's better than a hurricane.....


  1. Only you can make physics funny ;)

  2. I would rather be hot too. Being hot isn't painful. Being too cold really hurts!! But, if we get 10 inches I might just have to go out it in!

  3. I don't think I would mind the cold so much if it weren't for my arthritis. I hate to be hot.